Thursday, 3 January 2013

When Your Idols Become Judges

We're on the 7th book. The book of judges. No, not the instruction manual given to Gareth Cliff on how to feign concern about contestants being kicked off Idols, this book is about the Israelite's repeated cycle of unfaithfulness to God, being delivered to their enemies, repenting,  and finally having a divine leader sent to earth to deliver them from oppression only for them to repeat this cycle. Well, that's what Wikipedia says. Think of Judges of as "Groundhog week", without the funny quips from Bill Murray, but the regular occurance of hell and damnation instead.

This cycle, which is dated back to between c. 1380 [B.C.E.] and the rise of Saul, c. 1050,  seems to be as prevalent in our society but with a slight twist. Our new Gods are instant gratification, overnight success and upward social mobility. Our heroes aren't mathemetician or scientist. They're distastefully rich psuedo-entrepreneurs, people who're famous for being famous, TV presenters and Dr. Malinga. Well, you can't hate on someone who could kick a Boeing 747 plane out of the air. Yep, we need new heroes. 

I make this potentially ill informed observation as the 2012 matric results are released. There has been an increase in the pass rate, but these results should be viewed qualitatively (as opposed to quantitatively). Achieving more through lowering your standards isn't something to be proud of unless you're a contestant on Flava Flav's tv show "Flava Of Love". Students need to be encouraged to work hard at school rather than just getting by. The day we're more concerned with being on the dean's list than the guest list we'll be begin to achieve academic excellence

Only with such an ethos will we break the cycle of worshipping false gods, failing, being delivered to our enemies (some random manager at a call centre), asking for forgiveness, being deliveverd by divine leaders (in government) and repeating this archaic cycle. The education system has it's pitfalls but as brother's, sisters, father, uncles and so forth, we also need to take some responsibility and show the youth that there's a different way.
You want kids to be concerned about maths and science, How about showing mathematicians and scientists on "Top Shayela"?

To the matrics who excelled, congratulations. To those who faltered, it's not the end of the world. Try again with more dedication and vigour and you will succeed. As my good friend Robby Collins states "education doesn't stop once you leave the classroom". Let's show the kids there still merit in hard work.
Is this a viable solution? 
I'll let you be the Judges of that.

Love - Peace - Happiness 

Prof. Mojakson Lehook

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